Stano Pack Party

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Friday, June 25, 2021



The Taylor Financial team helps prepare special care packages. These care packages are sent out quarterly regardless of branch or where the military member is stationed/deployed. We took on the motto of “We put the care back in care package” and always ask our care package recipients what they need or want the most and try to incorporate at least three of their wants into their personalized package. We also follow up with all of our care package recipients as much as we can to ensure that we’re not sending anything that they cannot use or will have to throw out. Each care package contains approximately 46 “standard” items. Once a quarter we hold pack parties where we send 250 or more boxes to our troops and approximately 500 during the end of the year holiday pack parties. The total cost to fill and ship each box is $45. The cost for items is approximately $27 and using the USPS large flat rate boxes, it costs $21.60 to ship overseas. These care packages provide our deployed service members a little piece of home while they’re away from their families, friends and loved ones.

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